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Slit Lamp

Optical and Illumination Systems:

We can focus the optics, ensure the beam is centered in the eyepieces, ease the movement in the beam adjustment, ensure the beam is correctly aligned on the applanation tonometer, and any other concerns you have with the systems.


We can ease the movement of the sliding mechanism from side to side, adjust the vertical movement if the Slit Lamp is dropping on its own or stiff to move, and more.

Electrical System:

We can diagnose any electrical problem and repair it. Including bulbs burning out frequently, flickers in illumination, unable to turn on, unable to adjust brightness, and more.


If your table needs to be rep[laced, we can provide a brand new table and ensure the Slit Lamp is mounted properly on it, move the power supply to the other side, ensure the table locks properly, and more.

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