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Phoroptor Overhaul

*Timelapse of our technician performing a complete phoroptor overhaul*

Our phoroptor overhaul brings your phoroptor back to new. Our technicians meticulously take apart every moving part of your phoroptor and remove all the old grease, dust, and debris from the lenses, bearings, and gears.

 We ensure that each lens is cleaned indiviually by hand to ensure that no dust, fingerprints, or any other type of debris effects the clarity of the lens.

After the cleaning is done, we add new synthetic grease or oil to all the moving parts so that everything moves smoothly without grinding.

We laser calibrate the device before double checking all the movements and lenses to ensure that everything moves properly and that the lenses are clean.

Included in every overhaul is a phoroptor loaner.



Comparisson between a clean lens and how the unit came in.

Most Common Problems

-Axis changing when rotating the turret

This is caused by the grease in the rotating assembly drying  up with the age of the phoroptor. This problem can add time to your exam if you have to keep adjusting the axis.

We recommend an overhaul every 3 to 5 years in order to prevent this.

-Dirty Lenses

 Because a phoroptor is not completely sealed, external elements can easily get inside your unit.

From eyelashes spreading grease on the accessory lenses and the high power lenses to dust inside the entire unit and all the lenses.

To see if your phoropotor needs a cleaning shine a flashlight on one side of the lenses and look though the other.

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