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Exam Lane

In the exam lane, we service and calibrate anything from the back of the room to the front, including;

-Slit Lamps



-Acuity Charts/Projectors






-And more

We can install any piece of equipment and ensure proper function.

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Pre Test

In the pretest lane, we service most instruments


-Auto Tonometers


-Visual Fields



-Retinal Cameras


-Wire management

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Offsite Data Backup

We offer an offsite encrypted data backup for your office.

we use an encryption level higher than the average bank to ensure any patient data is safe and secure.

Pricing is highly competitive, click the BackOP logo on the side of the screen for more information.

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We offer a complete overhaul on your phoroptor which includes cleaning of all lenses, dismantling and lubrication of all moving parts and certified calibration. 

We also offer a tune-up service on any phoropotor that has received an overhaul by us, including lens cleaning and calibration check. 

A loaner is included in the price of both Overhaul and Tune-up

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Service Maintenance Program

Our service maintenance program allows for peace of mind by ensuring that your equipment stays cleaned, calibrated and operational.

The maintenance program includes 4 scheduled visits per year to your office where we will address any minor or major problems with all your equipment, clean the optics on every piece of equipment, and ensure that everything operates properly.  

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And Much More

Our list of services keeps growing to meet our client's needs.

If you have any questions regarding anything in your office feel free to give us a call and we will be happy to help.

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