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SMP - Service Maintenance Program

The Pacific Ophthalmic Service Maintenance Program is designed to ensure that your equipment is calibrated, cleaned, and working properly throughout the year. Our technicians will perform a scheduled visit 2 times a year that includes a complete check and cleaning of all exam rooms and pretest while addressing preventative maintenance and any repairs that are necessary.

Why do you need a Service Maintenance Program?

Our service maintenance program is designed to bring you piece of mind when it comes to your equipment. Our program ensures scheduled visits performing preventative maintenance and cleaning so that you never have to question if a piece of equipment isn’t working correctly or is improperly calibrated.

How does our service maintenance program work?

Two times a year our technicians will call and book a day where we can have access to your exam rooms for an average of 4 hours each and your pretest for an average of 2 hours.

In each exam room, we work our way from front to back and top to bottom. We clean and check all functionality of the chair and stand followed by adjusting the overhead lamp and adding grease where needed. Second, we check the moving and braking function of both the slit lamp arm and phoroptor arm, and if needed we will perform an overhaul on them, ensuring that they are functioning properly. We clean all the optics on the slit lamp and the accessory lenses on the phoroptor. If we discover that any of the movements are not satisfactory, we address and repair what needs to be done in order to improve them. We check to ensure that the charging wells are giving the correct amount of voltage and that all electrical systems are working properly without a short. We ensure that the chair and stand are positioned in the room and that the acuity chart is properly calibrated. We also address any issues that the doctor or staff may have noticed and repair the problem.

In the pretest room, we clean all the optics to ensure the most accurate reading. Address any problems with connectivity to the computer or server. Clean up the cables underneath the table in order to ensure that no patient will disrupt them. We also address any other problems that the staff or doctors have noticed with the pretest equipment.

What About your Phoroptor?







Included in every Service Maintenance Program contract is a phoroptor overhaul.

The Pacific Ophthalmic Phoroptor Overhaul is a complete dismantling, cleaning, re-greasing, and calibration of the entire unit and lenses.

Overhauls are done every three years and tune ups are preformed in between in order to ensure the proper functionality and accuracy of your vision tester.

Click Here to find out more about our Phoroptor Overhaul


What If something needs a repair outside the scheduled visits?


For those who are on the service maintenance program, all repairs for that office are completely covered under the program with no additional travel fees or hourly charges.

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