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Add another layer of separation between you and your patient with the PacificOP Phoroptor Shield.

This product is precisely machine cut and slips over the axis knob on most phoroptor and adjusts according to your set PD. (Reichert, Topcon, Marco, Shin-Nippon, and similarly styled phoroptors) DOES NOT FIT automated phoroptors

Made of flexible and durable vinyl to be soft in case of contact with patient.

This is a barrier that seperates the patients and the doctors breathing and talking in order to help reduce any spread of viruses or diseases.

A smile is engraved in the vinyl, to brighten up your day.


If you are interested in ordering please fill in the form and it should be shipping the next day


for more information contact

or call 1(888) 547-5035

thank you for your support.

Phoroptor Shield

  • This product is easily removable and can be cleaned with soap and water, Isopropyl alchohol or any other disinfectant in the office.

  • Our shipping for standard and express is calculated by weight.

    You will have the option to select between the two and view prices at checkout.

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